"Midgard DNA" pendant and the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris

MID = the inside / the heart

GARD = protection / blessing

MID + GARD = protection of the heart OR Sacré-Coeur (Sacred Heart).

Moreover, MIDGARD is one of the names given to our planet Earth in the Ancient Slavic-Aryan Vedas.


"Galaxy DNA" belt-necklace and rue Montcenis street stairs at Montmartre

Midgard Paris’ source of inspiration is the Sacré-Coeur.

Our jewellery is designed in the heart of Paris, in a workshop located in Montmartre, the most mysterious and spiritual neighbourhood of the French capital.

Inspired by the Parisian atmosphere, Midgard Paris’ concept is a lifestyle that combines elegance and spirituality.


The garnet crystals in "Midgard DNA" earring and the Notre-Dame de Paris' living stones remaining after the fire

The very best raw materials are used to create the Midgard Paris jewellery. Our aim is to offer more than just a simple ornamental jewel.

All the natural and semi-precious stones that embellish our jewels have been specially selected from all around the world for their medicinal, moral and physical properties.

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"Human DNA" pendant and the oldest tree of the park Monceau in Paris

The living forms of Midgard Paris are those created by Mother Nature, and are adapted for our jewellery.

Our jewellery combines the alchemy of the beauty of natural stones and the elegance of the sought-after shapes.

The symbol of these nature-inspired forms, combined with the power of natural stones, can be seen in the very heart of Midgard Paris’ collections.


"The Earth" ring and Eiffel Tower in Paris

Our planet is also called “Gaya” or “Midgard”.

Inspired by the beauty of our planet and its photos taken from Space, the globe has become a timeless element and shares a common thread through all our collections.

Thats why the mini-copy of the globe, as many other Midgard Paris jewels, is a timeless offseason element that can be reproduced at any time.

The miniaturized globe is therefore one of our brand’s most recognizable elements.


The balustrade of the Pont Alexandre III engraved with the “MP” signature on the “Drop” outer encasement

This encasement bearing the «MP» signature, adorned with a miniature labradorite crystal (also called the “healers’ stone”), has become the true symbol of Midgard Paris.

“The Drop” is symbolic of water. Essential for life, water constitutes up to 60% of the Earth’s surface and the human body. This natural harmony is incarnated in the perfection of the shape of the drop.

It is not only the symbol of our brand, it is an essential element of life.


“Martin" bracelet and snow-covered river Volga

We aspire to produce locally for each market we enter.

We offer the advantages of local production to each country and we do our utmost to create jobs in each market. Our prices are fair and are not affected by advertising or customs fees.

For the Russian Federation market, the production site is located in the hometown of Midgard Paris’ designer, situated on the vast river Volga.


The molten copper is poured into the cylinder with a “wax tree” inside

The ancestral technique of lost wax casting is preserved and developed by Midgard Paris.

By making its jewellery in artisanal workshops, Midgard Paris ensures an ancestral know-how of jewellery, passed down from generation to generation.

Copper, scientifically known for its healing properties, is used as the base of our Midgard Paris jewellery. It conveys the Earth’s energies and leads us to be in harmony with nature. When used with crystals, copper as an energy conductor, intensifies, improves and reinforces their properties.

Copper is crafted in accordance with the lost wax casting technique. Each piece of jewellery is revived and polished manually, then finely silver-plated or gilded.


Midgard Paris' Designer is knitting the experimental sample of "Galaxy DNA" story in Montmartre workshop, Paris

When inventing Midgard Paris’ new collections, its designer frequently finds innovative solutions.

One of them is the unconventional way of using knitwear to create innovative fashion jewellery pieces. After numerous attempts at experimentation, assembly and reworking, it has been possible to gain an understanding of the reactions of the metal weave in the knitting process, the meshed yarns and coatings using precious metals.

Experience is transformed into tradition. An exciting and never-ending process.


"The Human DNA under reconstruction" collier and our beloved sacred place, Notre Dame de Paris after the fire...

Each jewel from Midgard Paris can be perceived on a variety of scales, ranging from a simple accessory piece to a philosophical symbol.

You can make your own interpretation of our philosophy by choosing and wearing one of our pieces of jewellery. Each person wearing Midgard Paris jewellery becomes a co-designer, thus immortalising the history of these jewels.

This co-designing process is the most precious of the Midgard Paris philosophy.


Marina Plissova

The heart of Midgard Paris is its creator and founder: Marina Plissova.

Working 7 years for Sonia Rykiel and 7 years for Maison Martin Margiela, she was able to immerse herself in the world of fashion and sharpen her artistic sensibility.

These two places “black House” and “white House”, by irony of fate, contributed to build the identity of Midgard Paris.

The first artistic trials of Marina Plissova were carried out in the artisan workshop of Maison Martin Margiela, known as “Ligne Zero”. By diverting everyday objects, she created her first jewels that have found their place in private Parisian collections.

For me it is obvious that stones are able to “speak”. I discovered this as a child when I was seized by the cold autumn weather, I was attracted by a light grey pebble that I took in my hands and suddenly a sensation of warmth enveloped me”. MP

By founding Midgard Paris, Marina realises a dream: to create her own models by impregnating them with her aesthetic and ethical values.

She invites you to discover a new universe, that of a jewel that aims to be more than a simple article of luxury, a jewel that makes the link between ornament and lifestyle.